My First Appointment

Dr. Dickie is committed to comprehensive dental care. There are direct correlations between medical conditions and oral health, and it has been found the health of the mouth is affected if the overall health of the body is compromised.

The first appointment with Dr. Dickie will be focused on examining your oral health and correlating dental treatment with your health condition. If needed, she will communicate with your medical providers to make sure that the care she is recommending is beneficial and safe for you.

What you can expect at your first appointment:

  • Comprehensive review of your medical history
  • Comprehensive review of your current medication list
  • Name and contact information of your Primary Care Provider
  • Comprehensive oral health evaluation: exam of tissues of the head and neck, oral cancer screening, complete set of x-rays, assessment of hygiene needs, functional and esthetic dental needs.
  • Discussion of how Dr. Dickie can assist you in reaching your oral health goals.

*Dr. Dickie may accept x-rays made at another dental practice on a case by case basis. Please request the x-rays and submit prior to your appointment with Dr. Dickie.